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With the 3/8 Exiss warranty, we're giving our customers more peace of mind - and we've also made our trailers even more valuable. The 3/8 warranty means customers get a three year limited, eight year structural warranty.

The "3/8" warranty is standard on all Exiss Trailers manufactured after January 1, 2013, and the "3/8" warranty is also transferable. This significantly increases the resale value of an Exiss Trailer, letting it hold its value longer.  With this warranty, there's never been a better time to buy an Exiss trailer!

Contact us today or see your local Exiss dealer for more details. Be sure to look for the '3/8 Logo' the next time you're looking for a trailer.  

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We've Got You Covered!


As a way to show our confidence in our trailers, we provide our customers with one of the industry’s best supported warranties.