Feature Sheets

If you would like to learn more about Exiss and its products, please feel free to download an Exiss fact sheets today. Simply click on one of the links below to view the Exiss sheet of your choice, complete with an overview of standard models, company history and manufacturing capabilities.

Exiss STC 828 Living Quarters


Exiss STC 830 Living Quarters

Exiss STC 832 Living Quarters

Exiss STK 24

Exiss STC 24

Exiss STC 20

Exiss STC Low Profile 28 DDFW

Exiss STC Low Profile 16 DDFW

Exiss 620 Straight Load Bumper Pull

Exiss 630 Slant Load Bumper Pull

Exiss 7200 (2+1) Straight Load

Exiss 6306 Express Living Quarters

Exiss 7308 Living Quarters

Exiss 76310 Living Quarters

We've Got You Covered!


As a way to show our confidence in our trailers, we provide our customers with one of the industry’s best supported warranties.


Exhibitor Mini Trailers

Exhibitor Mini trailer

The new durable Exhibitor Mini low profile trailer is easy-to-pull and a great value. Check it out today!