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Quality Built Exiss - Curtis K.

"I compared my Exiss trailer with several different brands of trailers. Some of the things that helped me make a decision to purchase the Exiss trailer was the price, the quality, just the way it's built ... It's very well constructed ... It's just a well built, good quality trailer.
Custom Trailers

Custom Livestock Trailers

 At Exiss, we understand that many livestock owners have unique demands. That’s why we offer customization of livestock trailers, with an almost limitless selection of options available to make custom livestock trailers perform just how you need them to. Take advantage of Exiss’ full staff of design engineers and years of custom experience to create almost any custom livestock trailers you can imagine.

Exiss STC DDFW - Custom Sheep Trailer Living Quarters!  This trailer has all the luxuries you could dream of for traveling all over the country showing sheep!

STC LP 32 DDFW- This custom double decker was designed for Steve Cobb & Family.  This trailer has everything you need to keep pigs comfortable on the road!

STC LP 20 DDFW - This custom 20 foot bumper pull was designed for Steve Cobb & Family as a run around trailer.  With streetside double decks and a complete watering system, this trailer can deliver a lot of baby pigs to new homes!

STC LP DDFW Living Quarters - This trailer was tagged the MOET!  This family of 6 has a home away from home while traveling from coast to coast showing pigs!

Express Stock Trailers

Express livestock trailer

Check out the new Express bumper pull stock and stock combo models!


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As a way to show our confidence in our trailers, we provide our customers with one of the industry’s best supported warranties.