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"I compared my Exiss trailer with several different brands of trailers. Some of the things that helped me make a decision to purchase the Exiss trailer was the price, the quality, just the way it's built ... It's very well constructed ... It's just a well built, good quality trailer.
Custom Trailers

Custom Livestock Trailers

At Exiss, we understand that many livestock owners have unique demands. That’s why we offer customization of livestock trailers, with an almost limitless selection of options available to make custom livestock trailers perform just how you need them to. Take advantage of Exiss’ full staff of design engineers and years of custom experience to create almost any custom livestock trailers you can imagine.

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Perfect for hauling smaller livestock and equine, the Exiss low profile trailers can be equipped to haul swine, goats, miniature horses and other small animals. Click images below for more detailed views or click HERE for a PDF brochure. 


low-pro-csf        low-pro-csr        low-profile-csr

aluminum-wheels        livestock-area        tack-room


Perfect for hauling smaller livestock and equine, Exiss truck toppers are a great way to haul sheep, goats and swine conveniently. These all-aluminum boxes are available in multiple lengths, and can be customized to fit your truck perfectly. Options such as graphics, roof vents, lights are available as well. Click images below for a more detailed view.


low-pro-csf        low-pro-csr        

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