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"I compared my Exiss trailer with several different brands of trailers. Some of the things that helped me make a decision to purchase the Exiss trailer was the price, the quality, just the way it's built ... It's very well constructed ... It's just a well built, good quality trailer.
Exiss livestock trailers


Exiss offers a complete line of bumper pull stock trailers loaded with horse and livestock friendly features that represent the best value for the price in the industry. For over 10 years, Exiss has produced a wide variety of bumper pull stock trailers intended to make your life easier and keep your horses safer. And today, our objective is unchanged--build bumper pull stock trailers that fit your individual needs perfectly. Contact a local Exiss dealer or check out our selection of bumper pull stock trailers online.
STK 13 B - 13' Exiss Stock Trailer Bumper Pull STC 716 BP

The STC 7’ BP model is a great solution for livestock and horse owners who need a multi-use trailer. This model has a rugged stock area with a versatile dressing room area for those who haul small loads of livestock and horses interchangeably.

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STK 13 B - 13' Exiss Stock Trailer Bumper Pull STK 713 BP & STK 716 BP

The STK BP models are the trailer of choice when you need a ruggged trailer that is versatile. This bumper pull model is a great way to transport small groups of livestock for ranchers; it is also a great option for horse owners who need a spare trailer to haul to day riding events.

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