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Millions of Americans own a trailer of one type or another. When you look at our highways it is surprising how many different types and designs of trailer you will see. Hundreds of different configurations of trailer are available to meet the different needs of Americans on the move. Additionally, many businesses such as landscapers, plumbers and contractors need enclosed trailers to transport their tools, equipment or products in an enclosed, safe, protected environment.

Just about anybody with a special interest or hobby involving transporting large, heavy and valuable objects, or individuals who must transport cargo or large animals may own a trailer. For some people a trailer is simply a means to move objects they need to transport. For other people, their trailer is integral to their chosen lifestyle or hobby. Today, more and more people are enjoying active outdoor lifestyles that involve “toys” that must be transported to a location where they can be used. As a result, many trailers are specially designed for the owner’s lifestyle needs such as hauling racecars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and horses.

More and more people are adding living quarters to their specialty trailer, combining the advantages of a recreation vehicle with the hauling capabilities of a cargo trailer

Trailers are an ideal way to transport valued possessions without investing in a second powered vehicle such as a large cargo van or truck. A trailer can often be towed using an existing tow vehicle.

Trailer manufacturers recognize the market for products designed to meet specific customer needs. This eliminates the need for potentially hazardous consumer modifications. The amenities necessary for any particular activity are built into the trailer. Manufacturers make horse trailers to transport these animals to trail rides, rodeo or race events in comfort and safety. Farmers need trailers to transport livestock and farm supplies. And, custom trailers are used as bookmobiles, mobile concession stands and field offices. Car carriers and race trailers transport vehicles to shows and races, as well as providing a rolling auto shop.

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers ( was founded in 1987. The association represents builders who produce trailers weighing less than 26,000 pounds. The association represents the interests of trailer manufacturers to the public and the government. It also compiles trailer manufacturing standards and encourages manufacturers to abide by its “Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices.”

No. NATM reports having about 350 members who produce around 70 percent of the trailers on the road. There are no precise figures on the number of trailer manufacturers in the U.S.

Most manufacturers sell product through trailer dealerships and not directly to the public. Consult the Yellow Pages under “trailers.” Trailer manufacturers and extensive product information also is available on the Internet.

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